What movie do ron and hermione start dating

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However, it did show a great deal of Lavender’s lust for Ron. So, by the time Ron tried out for quidditch, it was established in the film that Lavender had a thing for Ron and that maybe Hermione had feelings for Ron too.When he stood by her, she stared at him and wavered a bit. Ron on the other hand was not seen to liking either of them.However, it was ruined when Ron and Hermione talked about the Christmas party.In the book, this is such an intense and crucial moment for them.

It made us curious as to how Ron would choose between them. I loved how Lavender pulled Ron to her and snogged his face off.

All the promotion, teaser trailers, and interviews with the cast and crew focused on the infamous love triangle and it was built up to be golden. The simple look she gave him after a quiet “Hi Ron,” was a great teaser. The first one was Hermione slapping his arm with a book.

However, the R/L/Hr concept was lost in the movie and was lacklustre. It was buffed to be a great new addition for the R/Hr storyline, however, Ron simply pointing and telling Hermione she had a spot of toothpaste on her chin and Hermione laughing a bit hysterically didn’t do much. While it did show her frustration on his cool demeanour and provided a funny moment when Ron called her a lunatic, it didn’t really prove anything other than Hermione being annoyed that Ron ate when he should have cared for Harry’s safety.

Next, the scene when Ron comes to potions class didn’t really enforce anything R/Hr.

Although Hermione did say that one of the smells she was attracted to was Spearmint toothpaste, it was said so fast and the actual toothpaste scene was so stale that hardly anyone who didn’t know about R/Hr love before would have got it.

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However, in the battle for Ron’s affection, Lavender was brilliant! It was great how Hermione said it so matter-of-factly and how Ron was so confused by her statement.