Updating datetime field sql

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Updating datetime field sql

I want this field to contain the datetime that the row was last updated. In the same manner, if only the time is provided the date defaults to Jan. I would recommend using the 4 digit year whenever possible to avoid confusion. If this statement is commented out, the following explicit update() does not fail. After I read the data into my datagrid and do update, say I changed it to " AM" in the datagrid, the data wrote back to the SQL table is "Current Date AM" (such as "07/20/2005 AM"). update a datetime field How do I update a datefield ...update a datetime field #2How do I update a datetime field It is much the same as any other update: update mytable set mycolumn = "1/1/2005" go bonsu_charles wrote: How do I update a datetime field Almost any valid date format will work. An empty string is converted to the first date by SQL Server, not a null.

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