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), the X10 controls for my curtains, the Mvix multimedia player and the aforementioned lighting controls. My receiver clicked on, the cable box lit up, that faint whirring sound was the projector's fan coming to life, the Impact switched to input one and the receiver jumped to V1.Of all that, only the Mvix and the lighting control had to be taught to the 890. I was so stunned, I didn't even notice the message on the remote's display saying "Is everything okay? The Harmony comes with a "Remote Assistant" (which you can turn off, of course) which asks you if the activities performed correctly.If I wanted, I could call my Cable Box "Phil" and my DVD player "Dave." I opted not to. While the Harmony's configuration tool is very handy, its screens are a little clunky and slow to respond. I buckled down and called Logitech's customer support.It'd be nice if some kind of configuration was available from the remote itself without needing to go to the PC. Configuration Breakdown All this updating and re-updating of the 890 must have messed something up because, suddenly, the software didn't recognize the remote. ", I screamed like Darth Vader being told Padme was dead. Though I worked in a support center for many years, I don't have a great track record with calling for help. Typically, you get someone on the other end of the phone who has seemingly never used the device and runs you through some canned set of troubleshooting techniques.But unlike the 880, this one comes with an RF Wireless Extender and a bunch of very cool little IR emitters.

Aside from the standard ability to learn commands from old remotes (by holding the old remote about two inches from the 890), the Harmony software also allows you to configure and rename buttons, devices and activities. It's going to take a lot of back-and-forth to the PC to get the remote exactly how you want it.

I felt like the guy in that old Memorex ad getting wind blown by his speakers.

Right out of the box, running all the default options, the Harmony blew me away.

Still, the 890 is well worth the wait, as we'll soon see.

The 890 itself is a dead ringer for the 880, except in silver.

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