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I'm pagan, poly, and a Greener (graduated from Evergreen about a year ago, with a concentrations in women's studies and visual arts I love very much to prepare and share amazing foods with those I love! I'm an HCA (home care aid) for my parents and live with them. I am looking for lesbians for friendship and if i meet someone i click with then so be it.

I enjoy music and dancing, hiking, communing with nature, cuddles, dress up, role playing, games of all sorts, and love being weird and nerdy with other like-minded people. I miss my women friendships and just need to meet other lesbians that want to play.

I've always had problems being on my own before and now I'm actually like, I really love this and just not having anyone to answer to.

Just being free is great and that's what I really want to be - just being a free spirit.” We’ll be keeping an eye on how this develops – Niall’s notorious for keeping his relationship under the radar…

I think I should put this out there, so people know, I had cancer, and had to shave my head, I used to have blue hair before that. So, yeah, thought I should just share that private detail. I like having a good time, hanging out and bs'ing with friends, meeting people, learning, living in the moment, being spontaneous and going on adventures. Given that I am somewhere between bisexual and pansexual, I am more concerned with how good of a person someone is more than their gender, as I am open to dating men, women, and everyone in between, though I prefer either women or Trans feminine people.

You will either love my personality, or absolutely hate it, there is no in between lol. Love movies, concerts, museums, art exhibits, farmers markets, nature, learning, culture, video/board games, star wars, science, cooking and eating food..... I'm very sociable and easy to approach so please don't ever be shy to say hello. Message me on facebook @ /ctynan1123 or Ki K: Osiris1123 I am an accomplished third gender trans feminine person, who is looking for someone who can show me that romance isn't extinct.

Hehe, get to know meeeee 😋 I am a 25 year old woman just south of Olympia. I am co parenting so well with my ex so there is no ex or baddu daddy issues.

I have a wonderful husband and three cats who are like having a two year old.

"We just met in Australia and we’ve been messaging ever since and yeah we have hung out together a bit. He obviously spends a lot of time in Australia with his cousins. I see him when I come to London and he sees me when he’s in Oz," she shared.

"We just met in Australia and we’ve been messaging every since and yeah, we have hung out together a bit." Horan recently said he has no time for dating as he has been so busy working on his solo album Flicker, his first album since leaving One Direction. The album was long days, as we were recording everything live full band," he told Notion magazine.

"We’re talking 11-12 hour days, every day which is like work, studio, home, bed, eat, you know.

I like to do anything outdoors from camping, hiking, fishing, All kinds of sports, going on long walks or bike rides. It can get tiring when other folks around you constantly want to create drama or are not as go with the flow as you.

Lol I am a music lover and can't help but like karaoke. I love nature, intellectual conversations and animals.

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